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      LED lamp dispensing and packaging has a new technology, the use of bulb dispensing machine can achieve a variety of dispensing requirements, this is a special lamp dispensing production equipment, packaging and dispensing quality can be sufficient to meet

      LED lights are now very common, such as energy saving, LED lamp, etc., these are led, what is led, LED is a light emitting diode, which is chip, chip is very easy to be damaged in the dispensing process is carried out on the LED package, in order to avoid

      Development of LED lighting industry production demand and the actual application has certain relation, the LED lights on the demand on the market is in a rising trend, the encapsulation of the LED chip needs to be applied to a large package of LED precisi

      The dispensing lamp belongs to a fitting LED tube, is used in this industry. To the desktop LED lamp automatic dispensing machine, the dispensing technology is based on the requirements of industry and production, selection of dispensing machine is differe

      The arm has multi axis linkage mode, which can finish three point, four axis, five axis or even six axis azimuth dispensing. The application range and function value of the large precision LED dispensing machine have been further improved. The dispensing a

      Three axis automatic dispensing machine is a relatively long application equipment, application of industry in the market is also more widely, such as the electronics industry, LED lamp industry, can use the dispenser, the dispensing technology also belong

      Bulb lamp belongs to the LED industry in the hot bulb type lighting, lighting in the early already exist on the market, although the production is not high for the dispensing technology, but need to be able to use glue technology, bulb lamp cap need lots o

      LED package dispensing machine has been in the LED lamp industry has a long history, for the production of LED lamp is most appropriate, because this equipment is mainly used in the industry, after years of continuous improvement and innovation, to create

      LED glue dispensing machine is generally used for bulb lamp, because the bulb needs top package, so use a lot of glue, glue production machine, although the speed will be faster, but requires a lot of glue, it will drag after dispensing speed, using glue p

      LED strip high speed dispensing machine is dispensing equipment in machinery automation equipment for major development, has in the LED industry. The technology, accessories and configuration are used in the best equipment manufacture, has many technical f

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