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      LED double liquid glue dispensing machine

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-15 09:38   瀏覽:

      LED double liquid glue dispensing machine belongs to large dispensing equipment, mainly used in phosphor dispensing and bulb dispensing, because the two are used to glue technology and double fluid technology, so the need to double LED liquid glue dispenser, dispensing machine is to deal with the choice of industries, so as to play a dispensing machine strength, will improve the production efficiency.
      Select the dispenser are a common point, can make profit for the enterprise equipment, is the enterprise need equipment, LED double liquid glue dispensing machine selection is the same, if the dispenser is a good equipment, whether it is production quality, or production quantity are not reached to the enterprise requirements, dispensing machine there will be no choice of enterprise.
      Apply to the two hot industry to LED double liquid dispenser, in the dispensing machine is used the most modern new technology crafted, not only in parts, or the use of the system is now the best that can make the glue dispensing accuracy control in the 0.05mm, the speed can reach 300mm/sec, which belongs to now the top of the dispensing machine.
      Glue dispensing machine precision and speed are the most advanced degree is related to the use of technology and accessories, full use of automation control, even the cleaning method is the use of semi-automatic cleaning, large dispensing machine general or the use of manual cleaning, the dispensing machine has two kinds of modes of production, is a semi automatic the other is a production, automatic production, semi automatic mode is mainly to some relatively simple LED glue tube.
      LED double liquid glue dispensing machine using PLC and touch screen control, to achieve full automation of production mode, and other accessories can assist LED double liquid dispensing machine production, such as: the dispensing valve or double action disc, four channel, optical fiber sensor, automatic intubation mechanism, which is the main auxiliary equipment LED double liquid glue dispensing machine, but also has high precision.
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