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      LED lamp strip high speed dispenser

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-23 18:04   瀏覽:

      LED strip high speed dispensing machine is dispensing equipment in machinery automation equipment for major development, has in the LED industry. The technology, accessories and configuration are used in the best equipment manufacture, has many technical fields such as LED in the dispensing tube packaging technology, bulb irrigation plastic injection technology, technology and so on, these are one of the LED light high-speed dispensing machine can use the technology.
      LED light strip dispensing machine can have a great relationship in which industry application with the production technology, but also need a good fitting as a support, both are indispensable, otherwise the application range of dispensing machine will be reduced greatly, have a good technology, but also have good parts, in mechanical limited company R & D and production of dispensing machine LED lamps and accessories, high-speed dispensing machine accessories are developed independently by the company.
      Both, can be more substantial data to grasp LED light high-speed dispensing machine, so there is a detailed understanding of the business and production, whether it is in the late maintenance or replacement parts are relatively easy, can facilitate the maintenance of dispenser equipment production enterprises, can also help manufacturers learned dispensing failures. Adjust.
      The most important dispenser choice is able to meet the needs of enterprises, in the aspects of dispensing accuracy of LED lamps can be controlled in high speed dispensing machine + 0.02mm, dispensing speed of 330mm/sec, the mobile manipulator speed can reach 300mm/s, and the dispensing speed is similar, can satisfy the basic dispensing velocity LED dispensing machine.
      These are LED light bar high-speed dispenser after the experiment results, this dispenser or a targeted dispensing equipment, mainly the application of light strip production, but also can use and other places, but the role may be no other dispensing machine.
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