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      Production of LED lamp tube using ball bubble glue machine

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-14 09:22   瀏覽:

      Bulb lamp belongs to the LED industry in the hot bulb type lighting, lighting in the early already exist on the market, although the production is not high for the dispensing technology, but need to be able to use glue technology, bulb lamp cap need lots of glue packaging, dispensing glue supply mode use less glue technology is good.
      LED tube dispensing machine is not high in bulb used technique is to use the best technology to create, because this LED ball bubble gum machine need high strength work mode, so the dispenser also need to use the best components and materials, LED ball bubble gum machine manufacturing Co. Ltd of mechanical automation system according to the national standard, in terms of dispensing and are powered by special production.
      Glue dispensing, packaging, etc., used in different products, the amount of glue used is different, because different glue has a different effect on the quality of the tubes, so the use of a new industry will need to replace a glue, so as to update the glue, can make the package more
      Manufacturing business in LED global mechanical ball dispenser dispensing amount can reach 20ml, spit gum quantity can be adjusted according to the demand of dispensing products, or the need to replace the dispensing valve, such as: interactive thimble glue volume dispensing valve is controlled in 0.05ml, these are adjusted according to the use, and can turn three hundred times a minute may, according to the speed of the dispensing needs of stepper motor control, stepper motor in addition to providing power, and motion control of LED ball bubble gum machine.
      In the LED industry, it is necessary to use accessories anyway. Without these parts, the accuracy of dispensing will not be much accurate. This dispensing machine can also be eliminated by the market.
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