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      LED three axis automatic glue dispenser

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-20 18:07   瀏覽:

      Three axis automatic dispensing machine is a relatively long application equipment, application of industry in the market is also more widely, such as the electronics industry, LED lamp industry, can use the dispenser, the dispensing technology also belongs to the domestic advanced, select the dispenser dispensing technology needs to have the better equipment, so can reduce dispensing issues, can make the dispensing process more smoothly.
      LED automatic dispensing machine can realize point to point, line to line and circular dispensing function, belonging to the dispensing machine more comprehensive, can also because of its technology to achieve the production of the application demand in these industries, so many businesses choose to use the LED automatic dispensing machine as a production device of choice, but the price is cheaper.
      This dispenser is operated by a hand-held controller. It can realize rapid programming, reduce reprogramming steps, and reduce the difficulty of using. It can also quickly adjust problems and improve the flexibility and precision control ability of dispensers.
      Not only can write simple procedures, can also store a lot of procedures, just when you need it can transfer out of use, simple and convenient, the use of LED automatic dispensing machine can be reduced by 5 to 7 individual labor, enterprises can reduce costs, efficiency and quality can be guaranteed.
      LED three axis dispensing machine is generally uses stepper motor as a power source, is to consistently dispenser dispensing machine, use each as accessories for three axis dispensing machine is a relatively big help, these techniques are also in order to meet the needs of enterprises, how to what technology is not can change according to the enterprise the requirements of LED automatic glue dispensing technology is changed according to the use of industry change.
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