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      Large precision high speed LED glue dispenser

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-26 11:51   瀏覽:

      At present, although there is a large precision high speed LED dispenser dispensing domestic market, also improved in performance, some precision dispensing equipment can also be imported and advanced dispensing equipment ".
      The accuracy of dispensing is beginning to be displayed in the quantitative accuracy. For example, the error of 0.01 grams of glue is a tiny error when we don't think about the size of the product, which is unavoidable in manual dispensing. If there is a special requirement for the product, the error of 0.01 grams is usually very serious. The accuracy of using the large precision high-speed LED dispensing machine is very high. There will be no error.
      大型精密高速LED點膠機< In order to ensure that the yield need to reduce dispensing efforts, but this does not hinder the normal use of dispensing equipment, because of large precision high speed LED dispensing dispensing machine at a rate of 300mm/s per second, so the dispensing of incandescent lamp can reach a maximum of 1500 per hour and huge workload, and can be applied to some irregular dot, incandescent lamp dispensing, dispensing machine embodies the LED full function.
      The mechanical arm has multi axis linkage mode, which can finish three axis, four axis, five axis or even six axis azimuth dispensing. The application range and function value of the large precision LED dispensing machine have been further improved. The dispensing arm is made of high strength aluminum alloy. The application of precision linear guide is applied to dispensing. The practicability of some high demand lighting production lines is highly dependent on high-performance dispensing arm. Better work effect of mechanical arm supporting the main dispenser in large precision dispensing machine running in LED, through a plurality of dispensing arm can complete dispensing work on a workpiece in a certain period of time, to ensure the product is coated with high efficiency even without overflow and other defects, effectively improves the quality and the use of LED lamps of.
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