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      Desktop LED lamp automatic dispensing machine

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-02-03 17:58   瀏覽:

      The dispensing lamp belongs to a fitting LED tube, is used in this industry. To the desktop LED lamp automatic dispensing machine, the dispensing technology is based on the requirements of industry and production, selection of dispensing machine is different with the effect of dispensing selection, the effect of dispensing desktop LED lamp automatic dispensing machine is through the national certification the dispensing is able to meet the.
      According to the different dispensing machine can make the effect of dispensing more play, dispensing beads demand accuracy is not high, but the need to meet the dispensing dispensing effect in many aspects, so as to reduce the cost of Enterprise Desktop LED dispensing machine is such ability, LED dispenser can survive in market down to there is such a dispensing function. The precision is 0.01ml lamp needs dispensing method, desktop LED dispensing machine can meet the dispensing.
      In addition to the need to have the appropriate dispensing dispensing accuracy, but also needs to satisfy the dispensing speed, speed and accuracy of dispensing two dispensing the necessary requirements, desktop LED dispensing machine is to have such a function to the lamp industry for dispensing, can also be used to other LED industry point glue dispensing equipment, this is a good the r also has the effect of dispensing is capable of shaft, the equivalent of a circular dispensing axis.
      Desktop LED lamp automatic dispenser dispensing technology is very suitable for LED industry dispensing, so in the choice, can consider dispensing different factors, any dispensing equipment, more suitable for application of beads dispensing, R axis dispensing effect, there are a lot of dispensing machine to use, need to use oblique lamp glue dispensing mode, use the the best R axis, dispensing parameter setting is controlled using a hand-held controller, simple dispensing mode.
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