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      Large packaging LED precision glue dispenser

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-02-08 09:15   瀏覽:

      Development of LED lighting industry production demand and the actual application has certain relation, the LED lights on the demand on the market is in a rising trend, the encapsulation of the LED chip needs to be applied to a large package of LED precision dispensing machine to complete, LED helps to improve the quality and output of products, and help manufacturers to further development the.
      Large LED dispensing machine package used is of great help to enhance the value of the product, because the body structure is very large, can be applied to uniform accurate dispensing of large filling glue products, can also used some light materials to run the chip package link, using imported stepper motor as the driving mode, the the dispensing work is more stable and efficient, avoid glue and other problems in the lack of glue dispensing process.
      A large package of LED precision dispensing equipment easy to use high efficiency preparation work, visual positioning control system to strengthen the effect of para coating products, suitable for a variety of styles of LED lamp package filling material, after the package protection of the chip after strengthening the use effect of LED light material, long-term use is not easy to fall off welding a bad problem.
      For large package of LED precision dispensing machine a variety of glue dispensing, dispensing valve has taken stronger applicability, it can be used for many kinds of glue dispensing, the operator can perform a variety of paths through the PC end programming glue filling, chip package can link the applicable industry is not limited to LED products, can also be used in a variety of precision production work, work for large bonding coated products and small products, for the user to enhance the value of production plays an important role in promoting.
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