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      LED lamp dispenser

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-03-22 17:57   瀏覽:

      LED lights are now very common, such as energy saving, LED lamp, etc., these are led, what is led, LED is a light emitting diode, which is chip, chip is very easy to be damaged in the dispensing process is carried out on the LED package, in order to avoid damage to precision devices, in order to reverse the error. Convenient for dispensing of led to produce the LED dispenser.
      Led lamp dispensing machine, using point driven power: ac200V, 50Hz, 200W, 450mmx500mmx600mm size, small size, and it is very convenient for dispensing, dispensing is the use of LED lamp controller, controller built-in independent memory memory has thousands of LED in the way of dispensing, dispensing method is often used in dispensing in the process of the record, this is the memory function, the equipment in the dispensing station, automatic equipment out of dispensing device led dispenser, dispensing method and gives a reasonable.
      If the blackout, the rapid cache controller will be dispensing each of the dispensing machine shaft position, when the call to work convenient dispensing, dispensing machine in the production of LED, a large number of computing computing only after the production of the dispensing machine, LED lamp controller is provided with a dispensing machine the LCD screen, there is also a central processor, the processor drives each axis express, also a record of each axis motion amplitude and latency, these data were displayed on the LCD monitor, and the delay in the repair of a little bit, so the more you use the better.
      When the dispensing machine is used for dispensing, it is better to use the thimble dispensing valve. The feature of the thimble valve is that it can adjust the size of the control glue of the micrometer. Using this dispensing valve will make the LED dispensing machine work better. Led dispensing machine can make the dispensing machine work better.
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