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      Bulb dispensing machine suitable for dispensing all kinds of

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-08-31 16:23   瀏覽:

      LED lamp dispensing and packaging has a new technology, the use of bulb dispensing machine can achieve a variety of dispensing requirements, this is a special lamp dispensing production equipment, packaging and dispensing quality can be sufficient to meet the production, and in various aspects of the problem, the production of bulb dispensing machine has been made in China. The problem has been solved.
      Bulb dispensing
      球泡燈點膠 Advantage of dispensing valve
      For example, the bulb dispensing machine accessories to make changes, the former dispensing needle barrel into precision dispensing valve, in the control of glue volume and production time, there are relatively large improvements, for example, the use of the bulb dispensing needle barrel, a day can need to replace a few dispensing needle barrels, and the use of precision dispensing valve after, No replacement is needed, and glue dispensing can be continued throughout the day without changing the dispensing valve.
      球泡燈點膠機 Bulb dispenser
      Replacement of dispensing syringe can cause bad problems.
      LED燈具點膠機 Every time you change the dispensing needle barrel, you need to adjust the dispensing path, which is not good for the production of the industry, for example, in lamp post packaging, the use of dispensing needle barrel also need to change the glue, which will affect the packaging quality, after each change of glue, you need to adjust the point of the bulb dispensing machine. Gel precision, otherwise will affect the quality of packaging, the use of precision dispensing valve will not encapsulate the problem, unless it is just started did not adjust the dispensing path and precision.
      LED lamp dispensing machine
      All kinds of lamp package can find the ball point glue machine.
      Lamp post packaging is also a kind of lamp packaging, can also use the bulb dispensing machine for dispensing or packaging, as long as the test and inspection, you can know whether to meet their needs, many LED lamp products can be used to the bulb dispensing machine, especially the round bulb lamp, most in line with the use of this dispensing equipment. Prepare for dispensing, in conjunction with precision dispensing valve dispensing technology, packaging quality is sure to be stable, lamp post packaging is its effect.
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