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      Do you know the price of lamp bead package? Why are the prices of the lamps and lanterns on the market very high and some of them very low? Mainly is the problem of production technology, for example: the use of high-end dispensing equipment for light emit

      LED wafer-level packaging has a long history, also left a strong historical stage, from the 1980s to today, LED wafer packaging technology has been very mature, of course, there are many large light source dispensing machine, is the machine to achieve the

      The lamp bar is a common decoration in modern times. In the process of production, the fixed work will be completed by the way of dotting silica gel. In the production process of the lamp bar surface glue dropping, the large-scale dispensing machine will b

      Using circular lamp holder dispensing machine to dispensing bulb lamp will cause dispensing problems due to the selection of dispensing needle and inaccurate alignment, and these problems are matters needing attention in the production of bulb lamp. Circul

      The choice of LED dispensing machine is the best choice. Why? LED dispensing machines are all equipped with the technology required for dispensing the lamp beads. This equipment is a dispensing equipment developed for dispensing the lamp beads. Medium-size

      Now bulb lamp need to use glue filling technology, conducive to improving bulb lamp production efficiency, ultimately decided by machine factors, such as: bulb lamp glue filling needs of high-efficiency glue dispensing technology, need to be used to bulb l

      Pinhead blockage is one of the common problems in dispensing industry. There are many ways to cause pinhead blockage. In order to achieve high-efficiency pectin dispensing effect, the problem of dispensing can not occur. Otherwise, it will particularly aff

      Now the LED almost everywhere, LED backlight TV, common energy-saving lamp house, which are very common in LED, not only in the dispensing, LED can use large LED package and other microelectronic dispensing machine can also use the large LED package dispen

      The LED lamp is very common in major shopping malls are bought, but the lamp is very difficult when dispensing, dispensing tube Led three axis dispenser for dispensing, dispensing machine with three axis work efficiency, good quality, are used in many plac

      LED is very common in life, because of the use of energy-saving lamps will be most at home now, energy-saving lamps inside is LED, LED in the physical sense called light-emitting diodes, because some LED is very small, so in the production of a is very dif

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