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      Led dispensing machine chip packaging applications

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-15 09:37   瀏覽:

      Although the LED dispenser called LED special dispensing equipment, but the performance is better than other traditional semi automatic dispensing machine has better performance, so it can be used in addition to work outside the LED dispensing dispensing industry, for example, I want to introduce the chip package on how to use LED dispensing machine.
      Also known as the integrated circuit chip, micro disc, which covers the integrated circuit, it is the main carrier, because its volume is very small, the whole is made of silicon element. Although that is the carrier of integrated circuit, but in general they are no different. But the difference is that the integrated circuit chip and the circuit layout, mainly in the production of packaging and circuit above. Here we use the LED chip package for dispensing machine.
      The chip package is the integrated circuit board of the micro silicon, can be used for plastic glue dispensing package is fixed, the chip in the storage and preservation, which improves the heat degree of this chip can be more secure for workers in the internal machinery for chip, and a few unexpected situation. The only chip and the outside world in metal feet with only dew on the plastic shell, it is used by glue dispensing to connect with other components. Because it is only in this connection so crucial here dispensing work.
      Use these chips to some of the key devices in the manufacture of products is the mainstay role, for example: mobile phone, computer, washing machine, air conditioning and other electronic products and home appliances, as long as the need for integrated circuit can be applied to the dispensing function of LED dispenser.
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