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      Peristaltic dispensing machine capable of improving producti

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-18 14:03   瀏覽:

      In recent years, with the rapid market driven economy, domestic rubber industry has made progress in leaps and bounds. But in the current competitive market environment, the "speed" has not only the key problems in the efficient production at the same time also must ensure that quality guarantee, but our dispensing machine industry due to many causes of the automatic innovation ability at present, some of the core technology is to improve the precision, the industry is not clear, equipped with facilities backward and so on are a major cause of their slow development.
      According to the analysis of the relevant authoritative magazines in recent years, China's electronics industry production has a large area of "labor shortage" phenomenon, and there has been no available recruitment difficult situation, combined with high labor cost seriously restricts the overall development of China's electronics industry, only the use of advanced automation technology and equipment to reduce the raw materials the loss, which is becoming the current peristalsis dispenser manufacturers development path ahead.
      Peristaltic LED dispensing machine is also known as the LED precision dispensing machine, is currently on the market a dispensing machine advanced dispensing equipment, it mainly focuses on the intelligent network, and high efficiency in the three direction of development, with the dispensing products of high reliability, safety, high efficiency and energy saving and also, with the quantity of cement stable, on the loss of raw materials can be minimized and other advantages, enhance the automation technology, thus help the manufacturers to do the purpose of saving energy.
      Peristaltic LED dispensing machine at present in the market the price is relatively cheap, the manufacturers choose dispensing equipment with higher price in mind when the score has improved a lot, the electronics industry development in the future will move toward a higher and more professional with peristalsis dispenser technology requirements as the first choice.
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