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      What problems should be noticed when using red glue led disp

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-20 09:50   瀏覽:

      When we use LED glue dispensing, will use a lot of dispensing with the glue, the glue type may be very much, so we in the dispensing work must pay attention to the type of glue dispensing, so we can easily to the LED parameter in the dispensing machine set on the more accurate, decrease when dispensing error. Now let's use red glue for dispensing, so we're going to take care of the glue dispensing process when using red glue.
      Then we use red glue when dispensing, and we need to pay attention to its properties when necessary.
      We need to preserve the red glue in a dry environment and keep the temperature between 2 and 10 degrees centigrade.
      Because the red glue has the characteristics of heat coagulation, the critical point of the general coagulation is about 150 degrees in the dispensing process of LED dispenser. So the temperature of the hose does not use the heating device to make the temperature is too high, leading to the occurrence of solidification phenomenon, leading to pipeline blockage, so that the temperature of the glue in the machine best kept at 35 degrees is the best.
      We also need to heat glue and make it solid when LED dispensing machine dispensing, so as to complete LED dispensing machine dispensing. Red glue at different temperatures, his solidification time is not the same, but according to the law, the higher the temperature, the longer the solidification time required, the viscosity is also greater. So in the use of red glue for dispensing work, you must control at the appropriate temperature to complete the dispensing task. Sometimes LED dispensing machine will appear in the dispensing process of product movement, glue solidification after the sticky strength is not enough, sticky time is not stable, glue jam, glue leakage phenomenon. These problems should be avoided as much as possible.
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