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      What problems should be paid attention to when using high sp

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-21 15:09   瀏覽:

      LED high speed dispensing machine dispensing package is a very rigorous process procedures, there are a lot of things to note in the dispensing time, due to the special nature of the product, in the dispensing note than ordinary glue dispensing to pay more attention to the following, we come to understand the matters needing attention in LED product dispensing the.
      We're using glue from LED high speed package dispenser for dispensing LED. In general, we use fluorescent powder, which reacts with water and causes it to lose its luminescence and condense into solid. It will also react with acidic substances, so pay attention to the working environment in the dispensing, keep the surrounding dry state, without the influence of acid substances.
      Note that when using fluorescent powder as glue, the LED high speed package dispenser needs to be careful not to touch the metal for a long time, which will affect its luminous effect. Try not to produce high temperature in the transmission, reduce friction, because the nature of the phosphor is not very stable, heated by friction will change the composition of the internal structure.
      In the LED high speed package dispenser on the energy-saving lamp dispensing, we must pay attention to the dispensing machine control system settings parameters are accurate, because the LED products on dispensing quality and precision than ordinary dispensing products require higher accuracy.
      Before dispensing, the needle should be replaced with the finest kind of dispensing needle to ensure the dispensing accuracy of the dispenser in the LED high speed package. At the moment, the three axis coordinate position of the needle is checked by the CCD image. Before the dispensing valve is opened, the flow speed of the fluid should be set within the set range, and no bad phenomena such as breaking glue and leaking glue should be avoided.
      The above problem is that the operator should pay attention to the details and knowledge, regardless of the dispensing machine should be prepared to prepare solutions to prevent or solve problems.
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