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      How to deal with LED dispensing machine drawing

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-22 09:54   瀏覽:

      The occurrence of some undesirable phenomena in LED glue dispensing operation often, such as plastic head plug, plastic head leakage glue, glue dispensing quantity is too large, the accuracy is not enough, the deviation of dispensing coordinates have occurred, then we again to discuss the LED glue dispensing machine drawing phenomenon how to adjust the way to deal with this problem the.
      Generally, LED dispensing machine appears several possibilities of wire drawing:
      1, the glue itself problems
      This situation may also be accompanied by the other problems, if bubbles and impurities and sediment appeared in the glue dispensing machine in the pipeline, it will seriously affect the flow speed of the glue, glue outflow from the dispensing needle may appear in the drawing, even glue phenomenon.
      2, LED dispensing machine control parameters have problems
      Because the LED dispenser is used metering dispensing mode so that the parameters in the control system of the set must be accurate, may appear to regulate slow flow can not achieve normal dispensing work, of course, there is also a possibility that their failure to control the controller to offset and set the phenomenon that.
      3, LED dispensing machine can not meet the dispensing requirements
      Not all dispensing machines, including LED dispensing, can meet the needs of all glue dispensing, probably because the glue itself in the dispensing machine is too poor liquidity, dispensing machine can not glue quickly out from the dispensing needle, just appeared the phenomenon of wire drawing.
      How to deal with these problems?
      When these problems arise, we should first check the dispensing machine control system, correct its error. If not, let's look at the glue in the dispenser and see if there's a problem. Of course, the final detection of dispensing machine drive and execution system whether there is a problem.
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