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      What are the disadvantages and advantages of six axis LED di

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-23 18:05   瀏覽:

      LED industry in the demand for dispensing has been increasing in recent years, the scope of application is also increasing, six axis LED dispenser recently developed new dispensing equipment.
      The application of LED dispensing machine includes: fixing between wafer and frame, spraying phosphor on LED product surface, fixing between bracket and pin, etc.. There are also different ways of dispensing: silver gel for fixed chips, post sealed surface mount packages with silica gel, aluminum substrate packaging for aluminum circuit boards, etc..
      Before we use the six axis LED dispenser to encapsulate the LED, we first need to know the main structure of the six axis dispenser, and the six axis LED dispensing machine is very similar to the ordinary LED dispenser, but slightly different on the executive device.
      The motor execution system LED basically uses a stepper motor, because the CCD camera coordinates table, using the XYZ axis positioning system, six axis LED dispensing machine more than a stepping motor as the power output, is also equipped with servo motor as auxiliary output. Six different dimensions can be dispensed, which is based on the use of two systems to cooperate with each other to complete dispensing operations, a quartet dispensing system, and the other is a biaxial product rotation system.
      The square dispensing system consists of three mechanical components on the X axis, the Y axis and the Z axis, and the upper rotation mechanism of the X axis. The remainder of the biaxial selection system is the product operation module Y and Z axis to form, and each bearing is equipped with a servo motor, more than three times the six axis LED dispensing machine while working efficiency than the traditional LED dispensing machine fast, a six axis LED dispenser can be roughly offset three traditional LED dispensing machine, but the price is definitely better than the traditional LED expensive dispensing machine.
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