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      What are the technologies of multi axis dispensing machine f

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-23 18:09   瀏覽:

      Because the LED light emitting internal wafer is exposed to the air for a long time, its luminous function will be affected until the function is lost. Therefore, we need to improve the life of LED, reduce damage, extend the luminous time and use performance. We must use a multi axis dispenser to encapsulate the LED to protect the LED chip. Since the packaging of LEDs not only protects the chip in LED, but also has a certain transparency, so that it can be used in normal use, so the packaging technology, packaging materials, as well as the dispensing performance of multi axis dispenser, must have strict special requirements.
      The main luminescent system of LED consists of two semiconductors, P and N, which emit light by emitting electric current to the semiconductor, such as natural light we can see, infrared ray and ultraviolet ray. However, because the light emitted by LED is not fixed, this is also to use multi axis dispenser to complete this effect, so LED will not emit all the light once.
      When multi axis dispensing machine to package LED, have been using the epoxy resin to the dispensing package, and also in the LED installed on the reflector, it needs to be between the wafer and the frame glue procedure with a dispenser, then baked in long process makes the glue can be rapidly solidified. The reflective cup is to collect light particles emitted by the LED and to radiate them in the direction they want, forming a specific color of light.
      Epoxy resin should go through control system in multi axis machine dispensing dispensing work when the command to complete a specific shape, this role has many kinds, such as: to protect the chip inside the LED is not affected by outside; the morphology and properties of different glue can transform (whether adding scattering agent), divergent radian of epoxy resin light itself has moisture resistance, high strength, or an insulator, the light refractive index and transmittance are very high. This is the necessary reason for dispenser dispensing.
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