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      What control system does the dispensing machine use?

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-24 18:11   瀏覽:

      Because the development of science and technology is becoming more and more mature, now most large high-tech enterprises dispensing machine is using automatic dispensing machine for dispensing work. Although the automatic dispensing machine is more expensive than the traditional dispenser, it completely exceeds the traditional dispensing machine in dispensing technology. We study advanced control systems by studying full automatic dispensing machines.
      The internal control system of automatic dispensing machine loading, we generally use the DSP control technology is used in more advanced science and technology, the processing speed of the internal computer operating system interface is very fast, it is very user-friendly, making the operation difficulty is greatly decreased, the operation efficiency continue to improve.
      The control system is arranged in parallel sliding surface control device according to the dispensing machine operation, to achieve the function of anti noise, avoid mechanical vibration caused by the adverse effects on the LED dispenser, but also reduce the wear between the parts, improve the service life of dispensing machine.
      1, the main body of the control system uses 32 bit floating glue point speed DSP all-optical coupling, can completely isolate the external electronic pulse interference, make the internal system safe and stable operation, reduce the external interference.
      2, the control system inside the memory is very large, can store 999 product files, the control system is equipped with a USB interface and U disk interface, convenient to extract control system files and storage, but also a large number of documents stored in the LED dispenser, and software to optimize the internal control system.
      3, the use of handheld teaching box, easy installation.
      4, servo motor and stepper motor two kinds of support and use.
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