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      What dispensing problems need to be overcome for energy-savi

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-24 18:14   瀏覽:

      Energy-saving lamp round dispensing machine, also known as the LED circular dispenser, LED disc dispensing machine is a specialized for dispensing LED lamps and manufacturing dispensing professional equipment, although it has high precision, high professional, high efficiency and excellent performance, but the energy-saving lamp round dispenser and automatic dispensing machine general the need of professional operators to operate the machine to play the proper role. So what are the dispensing problems that we might have when dispensing? What is the solution?
      In general, we should pay attention to the influence of external environment on the dispensing of the dispensing machine, in addition to paying attention to the normal system of the energy-saving lamp circular dispensing machine and whether there is any connection between parts.
      Circular dispensing machine for energy saving lamp
      The temperature, humidity, noise influence degree of the environment can affect the normal operation of the dispenser. For example: if the outside temperature is too high, the viscosity of energy-saving lamps inside the circular dispensing glue drop, flow speed, the dispensing point when dispensing the diameter of the control is not good, there will even be leakage phenomenon, but also affect the glue solidified hardness; when the temperature is too low. If the glue flow velocity will slow down the internal viscosity will be greatly enhanced, this will lead to a slow speed glue dispensing machine, broken glue, glue leakage situation is possible, then makes the glue dispensing plugging holes, directly affect the energy saving lamp circular normal dispensing machine.
      These common problems, or rely on the operator to adjust the external environment in advance to solve the problem, so that the dispensing work, for operators, for energy-saving lamp circular dispensing machine, all good.
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