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      LED dispensing machine can be used on the circular

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-24 18:16   瀏覽:

      LED dispensing machine in recent years because of the rise of LED industry and LED, dispensing machine before automatic dispensing machine based on an improved, the installation of a CCD camera system, can be directly in the image through the camera control interface, convenient dispensing work, but also improve the accuracy of shooting two birds with one stone dispensing. Not only can be made into a single liquid dispensing machine, can be equipped with a plurality of mechanical arms formed two axis, even multi axis dispensing machine, can be recycled in dispensing work, LED package, semiconductor package can be a perfect control, complete dispensing work, and began to like the rest of the development of the industry, not limited to the LED industry itself.
      However, most of the LED products are lighting products, such as: LED lights, LED traffic lights, LED displays, LED lights and other common LED products. After all, LED itself is a light-emitting diode, that is, light-emitting devices, so the use of LED lamps on the lamp dispensing circular dispensing line, the need for more accurate dispensing equipment.
      Then we'll look for inspiration from the full automatic dispenser, and you can refer to the full automatic circular dispenser function, add a rotating platform on the workbench to rotate dispensing. This is not only convenient for dispensing, but also eliminates the trouble of dispensing needle continuously sliding to dispensing. As long as the dispensing needle is fixed at the glue point, the rotary table can be rotated to complete the dispensing of the LED lamp.
      The circular LED dispenser, whose function may be professional, makes it more widely used than the LED dispenser, but to a certain extent, meets the needs of most LED products. It is an indispensable dispensing equipment for dispensing of LED bulb lamps.
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