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      What are the advantages of LED dispensing machine in fluores

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-28 09:39   瀏覽:

      Now the lighting industry, glue dispensing technology LED industry already extensive processing, most lamps and LED products are used to avoid the dispensing process, the production of fluorescent lamp is not in this range, and now most of the dispensing machine used is LED dispenser. We will give a general introduction to fluorescent lamps. We will also introduce the advantages of dispensers LED dispensers widely used for lamps and dispensers, and the advantages of LED dispensers and lighting fixtures.
      Fluorescent lamp is commonly known as the "tube" and "flashlight". The traditional fluorescent lamp is a low voltage mercury lamp. Mainly through the 220V rated voltage through the argon or xenon xenon lamp tube to form mercury vapor to emit ultraviolet light, so that the fluorescent light in the tube to emit visible light to illuminate a lighting tool.
      LED dispensing machine for fluorescent lamp
      The common fluorescent lamps are classified as long strip fluorescent lamps, color long strip fluorescent lamps, circular fluorescent lamps and single ended polymeric fluorescent lamps. We now commonly used fluorescent lamp, which is strip shaped fluorescent lamp is a fluorescent lamp at both ends, which is at the ends of the lamp and ballast fluorescent lamp so as long as the exception is easy to disassemble, a single head fluorescent lamp polymerization does not have this good removal, unless you use the broken lamp itself can be removed. The modern strip shaped fluorescent lamp due to the use of a rare earth trichromatic fluorescent powder, and the service life of the luminous efficiency and thermal stability are improved greatly, but also played the function of energy saving and emission reduction, but because of the expensive rare earth, has been unable to enter the common people use.
      LED has the advantage of dispensing in the dispensing fluorescent lamp is richly endowed by nature, this is no comparison standard automatic dispensing machine, it is because of these lamps for fluorescent lamp dispensing accuracy requires very high general dispensing machine is not up to the LED dispensing machine adopts the XYZ positioning system and CCD camera system come true to improve the accuracy of a dispensing, one-sided advantage in this respect. It is also the reason that the LED glue machine is widely used in the lighting industry, and the LED industry is widely used.
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