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      What are the notices of fluorescent lamp dispensing in energ

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-28 09:39   瀏覽:

      Energy saving lamp dispensing machine, also known as LED dispensing machine, fluorescent lamp dispenser. It has a large number of dispensing applications in the LED industry and lighting industry, and it is a professional dispensing machine. Energy saving lamp dispenser is also used in the manufacture of fluorescent lamps. In the semiconductor packaging, fluorescent powder coating all need to use energy-saving lamp dispenser. But we need to pay attention to some problems in the dispensing of fluorescent lamps.
      When we came in the use of energy-saving lamp fluorescent lamp glue dispensing machine need to pay attention to is now using fluorescent lamp fluorescent powder basically is the use of the rare earth element color phosphor, the phosphor powder has the advantages of long service life, high brightness, strong thermal stability and other characteristics, it is composed of three kinds of compounds in accordance with the proportion of mixed, so called tricolor fluorescent powder. It also has mercury, a highly toxic liquid metal substance, and radioactive. When we pour glue into and out of the cartridge, we must pay attention not to suck into this dangerous substance. We need to wear dust-proof clothes and respirators to do the work of protection.
      When the fluorescent lamp dispensing, dispensing accuracy is very important, because the fluorescent lamp has a high requirement for the phosphor dispensing, once the dispensing position the dispensing error appears to have defects such as light emitting rate of abnormal phenomenon in the lighting time, so we in the use of energy-saving lamps glue dispensing, dispensing must set carefully observe the parameters of dispensing dispensing needle position to ensure the dispensing just right, ensure the normal work of the dispensing, if found broken glue, glue leakage and leakage should be timely in the dispensing.
      In addition to the energy-saving lamp dispenser work, but also pay attention to energy-saving lamp dispenser in regular maintenance is also very important.
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