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      What is the problem that the glue dispenser helps the market

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-28 09:40   瀏覽:

      LED dispensing machine belongs to a modern automatic equipment, since the introduction of this technology in China has attracted widespread attention, because of its powerful performance and good work effect in the market after the introduction of so widely used in various industrial production lines, there is a LED lamp tube dispensing equipment industry market to solve a lot of problems.
      Western dispensing introduce advanced technology in China has been used in the military field, dispensing technology once needed in military bullets in the production line of production support, some practical high school was needed after the completion of the bullet seal between the cartridge and the dispensing primer, this is to ensure that the bullet will not in the process of storing damp metamorphism affect the normal use.
      With the needs of industrial production increased gradually, LED dispensing system has been widely used in industrial production, science and technology can be applied to the chip used in the production process, the first chip production demand is low so once the use of manual dispensing and manual dispensing mode gradually in the course of time to keep up with the further demand and backward, and long-term disadvantages of manual dispensing the exposed problem is more and more obvious, such as heterogeneity, the cost of dispensing too wasteful are important factors affecting the chip manufacturers profit, and dispensing directly to the manufacturer to solve these problems, LED can keep the consistency of the dispenser dispensing chip in the implementation of work, and that there would be no human bias because of the long-term work and, and the dispensing package has better effect, higher protective effect.
      In addition to the application of chip package dispensing machine, large LED tube production industry is the use of glue machine, because the bottom plate and tube need to ensure strong fastness to normal use, and it is difficult to complete the manual dispensing and mass work, so LED dispensing directly to solve these problems.
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