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      How does a large glue dispenser do not glue out glue for a m

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-28 09:38   瀏覽:

      When LED package dispensing, often there will be some dispensing problem, the size of their influence degree, some problems will only affect the dispensing quality, such as dispensing out of the glue dot size, but some problems will directly affect the dispensing efficiency, even damage the point glue machine accessories. So when we use a large LED glue machine to make a dot glue on the phone screen, what is the reason for not dropping out the glue? How can the problem be solved by the serious consequences?
      There are many reasons for the failure of the large LED glue dispenser. Under normal circumstances, the failure of dispensing is due to the phenomenon of glue blockage caused by the dispensing needle contacted with the dispensing products. The long time dispensing makes the residual impurities on the dispensing needle of the dispenser accumulate more and more, and finally the clogging phenomenon occurs. There are other reasons, of course. For example, the glue we use is too sticky to plug the rubber hose so that the glue dispenser can't normally glue. These are the culprit of the plugging of the glue dispenser. So what is the serious consequence of the blockage?
      The main form of dispensing clogging is not flow out of the glue dispensing valve, it will directly affect the normal large LED dispenser dispensing efficiency, if you want to solve this problem but also check the glue dispensing machine parts problems that, if the problem ten for severe and even affect the dispensing process.
      As long as we find the problem, we can solve the problem. When you have problems with dispensing needles, you can choose not only to replace the original dispensing needles on dispensing machines, but also to select the original dispensing needles for cleaning, remove the glue of residual current and install them again. The blockage of the glue pipe on the glue machine only needs to change the temperature of the environment and increase the flow rate. It is very simple.
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