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      How to use the ball glue dispenser in the LED industry

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-28 09:46   瀏覽:

      The effect of a glue dispenser on the product, not only needs the careful operation of the operator, but also depends on the performance of the glue dispenser itself. Then the bubble LED glue dispenser, it has the glue performance in the LED industry precision dot glue will be how the effect?
      Dispensing form bulb glue dispensing machine LED show is determined by its structure, and the effect of dispensing is mainly performance by the dispensing machine to decide, usually the glue dispensing dispensing is to achieve the best results, the coordinates will set a good glue on accurate uniform point drop to the actual coordinates of dispensing no, the glue point sizes, glue, glue leakage phenomenon, and to achieve a high precision dispensing.
      But in the actual situation, the glue dispenser will not be perfect. So as long as you drop out the glue point, reach the desired effect. Because the bubble LED glue dispenser is improved on the basis of the precision glue dispenser. Therefore, it has the characteristics of most precise dispensing machines, and has the ability of three axis positioning system and electric drive. It ensures that the ball LED glue dispensing machine has higher dispensing precision. Not only that, the glue dispenser is also equipped with a circular base. This base can adjust the rotation speed of the glue product, and can make the glue dispenser be more uniform in size, and the size of the glue can be accurately controlled.
      Under the combined action of all kinds of systems and fittings, the glue effect of the ball LED glue dispenser is better.
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