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      LED industry needs to customize which glue machine is better

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-30 17:54   瀏覽:

      LED lamp production needs to use light-emitting diodes. It needs to be used in visual dispensing machine. Because light-emitting diodes need to be glued to the lamp bar, so to use dispensers, what kind of dispensers should be used?
      Now the glue dispenser industry to meet the glue spot glue equipment there are many, such as: LED visual glue machine, AB precision glue machine and so on. But most of this is a precision dispensing equipment dispensing machine based manufacturing, this should be considered in addition to precision dispensing outside, still need what kind of function and effect of the dispensing process, not only need the right choice of dispensing machine, the most important is the question of whether the dispensing can satisfy the requirements of the LED industry. Ensure the dispensing problems in the dispensing process, LED dispensing machine visual customization is a good choice.
      LED visual glue dispenser is a kind of glue dispensing equipment that can be used in the LED industry. As it specializes in the dot glue dispensing equipment for LED products, it is more specialized. It can control the flow measurement technology and glue glue, so its dispensing accuracy is higher, in the implementation of the system also has three axis positioning system and visual positioning system, can before dispensing drip, confirm the dispensing position for dispensing coordinate error minimum.
      These features together in the main control system under the control of the LED product package, dispensing glue point precision reaches a high level, although there are some other dispensing machine can meet the production requirements to the LED lamp, but LED is indeed the most appropriate dispensing machine vision LED production equipment, can meet the different length of LED dispensing tube the use of other dispensing machines may not satisfy these conditions.
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