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      Custom LED visual glue dispenser can improve production spee

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-30 18:00   瀏覽:

      Customization is now popular in all industries, and customizing is specially designed for the same thing, and it is much better than the standard glue machine. The same type of dispensing equipment is also different. But the custom dispensing machine usually takes a long time and cannot be produced immediately, and the cost of customized dispensing machine is higher than that of mass production machine. Now a lot of glue equipment in the glue industry can be customized and improved. If you want to produce LED glue products, the LED visual glue dispenser is also a good choice.
      The performance of the original LED visual glue dispenser has been very superior, and it can accomplish a higher demand for glue. However, after the LED visual glue dispenser is produced, it is more suitable for all kinds of adhesive production requirements of the enterprise. So where are the differences between them?
      In order to eliminate the shortcomings of LED visual dispensing machine, the customization of LED visual dispensing machine usually improves production efficiency, improves production efficiency and improves dispensing quality. Therefore, when making the LED visual dispensing machine, the manufacturer of custom dispensing machine uses jet valve instead of other dispensing valves, and the speed of dispensing will be maximized by using jet technology, and the production efficiency will also improve.
      LED vision dispensing machine the main needle can be customized enterprise product problems, because the visual standard dispensing machine is in the service of various industries, each industry problems are different, so the use of a standard visual dispensing machine can not take into account all the glue point, the problem is that is at a loss what to do.
      Besides, the customized LED visual dispensing machine can also add additional auxiliary system to improve the performance of dispensing equipment, for example, to achieve circular dispensing and have some special glue dispensing capabilities.
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