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      How to improve the production efficiency of the T8 LED dispe

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-11-30 18:02   瀏覽:

      ome of the glue dispensers have some defects in the process of dispensing because they have some shortcomings. If we have to use this dispenser to do the dispensing operations, we need to transform the shortcomings of these dispensers so as to improve their dispensing performance or increase some additional dispensing functions. So how can I improve the production efficiency of the T8 LED dispenser?
      If we want to solve this problem, first of all, we should understand the features of the T8 LED dispenser.
      T8 cabinet LED dispensing machine we usually use, is a T8 lamp for dispensing dispensing equipment, so the T8 cabinet LED dispensing machines need to use electric drive mode, using three axis system, high precision dispensing needle parts but in this basis, it also increases the visual positioning system, the system can send images the workbench dispensing products directly to the main dispensing control system, product identification problem is flawed.
      In order to improve the production efficiency of the T8 LED dispenser, it is not only to improve the speed of the dispensing, but also to improve the quality of the glue dispensing equipment. Therefore, we should not only improve the flow rate of glue in the glue dispenser, but also avoid the appearance of the problem of glue. So the installation of spray technology can solve this problem. The spray dispensing can not only improve the flow rate of dispensing glue, but also avoid the contact between dispensing needles and dispensing products, avoid some dispensing problems, improve the dispensing quality and reduce the cost of dispensing.
      Production efficiency is an important factor to decide whether an enterprise is profitable. Choosing production equipment is a particularly important step. So the choice of dispensing machine is best in line with production demand, otherwise it will have a great impact on production efficiency, which is also not conducive to the development of enterprises.
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