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      What place should be noticed in the use of silica gel for de

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-01 18:20   瀏覽:

      The dispensing dispensing operation whether the use of confidential for what should pay attention to some problems of glue dispensing, it can not only improve the speed of dispensing, dispensing avoid some bad phenomenon, but also can reduce the cost, prolong the service life of the dispensing machine, if the desktop LED dispensing machine using silica encapsulation for LED products, so we must pay attention to what the problem in the dispensing time?
      The most important function of silica gel packaging LED dispensing machine is to protect the safety of dispensing chips, and to realize the normal connection between LED products and electronic devices, we need to make normal use of leads.
      It is possible to damage the chip because the glue chip is easily damaged. Therefore, when the LED glue dispenser is encapsulated with silica gel, it is necessary to make a precise packaging of the glue chip. So in packaging, you must pay attention to the seal of the package.
      The dispensing machine used in chip for high requirements of industry, whether it is dispensing, or performance is the highest, the dispensing process can not appear a little problem, it will not affect the chip play, causing the discarded products, chip is the core component of electronic products, electronic products, no chip fails to meet the fundamental the requirements of the market, so for the dispensing requirements compared with other industries will be several times higher.
      The use of silica gel package are generally pin chip package, pin with receiving and transmission function, is the bridge chip and connected outside, in the dispensing use need to pay attention to the pin position or pin whether broken and missing, this can greatly ensure the quality of production, the use of desktop LED and dispensing machine the operating personnel coordination, can finish the task.
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