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      Will the impact of the environment affect the quality of T8

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-07 17:39   瀏覽:

      In the production of T8 lighting, dispensing machine is very important in its application. The most commonly used dispensing equipment for T8 lighting is called T8 lighting LED dispensing machine, which is often affected by certain factors in production, thus affecting its production quality. There are many factors, both external and internal, so how much is the impact of external environmental factors on the production quality of T8 lighting?
      There are many factors that influence on the external environment of T8 lighting LED glue dispensing, such as temperature, humidity and other factors, these factors will directly affect the properties of the glue glue dispensing process, such as adhesive and velocity, so the external factors will bring what kind of change for the dispensing glue?
      Because the T8 lighting LED dispensing machine is used in the process of dispensing, fluorescent glue is a two component glue. Therefore, before dispensing, we must mix the glue to do the dispensing operation. Because the fluorescent glue is a heat curing silicide material temperature, so we must control the size of the glue in the dispensing time, ensure the normal operation of the dispensing glue, so to prevent the external environment temperature is not too high, nor too low, so that the glue water dispenser dispensing adverse phenomenon, the size of the same humidity control is also very important.
      The humidity in the working environment can not be too high. If the humidity is too large, it will cause the water molecules in the outside air to enter the glue dispenser and penetrate into the glue so that the glue bubbles will appear. This kind of bad phenomenon will directly affect the effect of T8 lighting LED spot glue dispenser, which leads to the lower quality of the product. There are two kinds of solutions. The first is to reduce the pressure of the glue and change the tapered glue needle. The other is to change the humidity of the working environment. Therefore, the environment has a great influence on the production and manufacture of T8 lighting.
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