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      In addition to the application of LED chip encapsulation, wh

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      In the process of production, LED products must be packaged in order to produce good quality products. Therefore, the manufacturing of LED products must be completed by using the LED chip packaging machine. The application of LED chip packaging technology to LED products produced in the LED industry can also be used in which industry to spot glue.
      The precision of chip package technology requires higher use of LED in the industry, because the LED chip packaging glue dispensing precision is much higher than the traditional dispensing machine, so the chip package dispenser dispensing accuracy is high, with high precision dispensing equipment can be applied to the industry there are many, for example: the electronics industry, lighting industry, automobile industry etc..
      In a large number of glue industry, the demand for glue in the electronic industry is very high, and many electronic products have to be used to spot glue to spot glue. For example, mobile phone shell, cell phone battery, relay, charger and so on. Both the accessories and the finished products should use the glue dispenser to make the glue. Because the demand for dispensing precision of these dispensing products is not very high, most dispensing equipment can be dispensed in this industry, and the LED chip packaging dispenser with high precision dispensing ability can also be applied in this industry. And the lighting industry is also one of the industries with large demand for LED chip packaging.
      In the lighting industry, the dispensing accuracy requirement of LED industry is very high. The accuracy of dispensing machine used in LED industry is very high. Besides, the chip packaging dispensing machine is originally specialized dispensing dispensing equipment for LED products. Therefore, all kinds of LED products can be dispensed with glue.
      In addition to the electronics industry and the lighting industry chip packaging dispenser demand glue demand bigger, other industries such as: construction industry, automobile industry. Although chip packaging machine can also do glue, but the amount of application is not very large.
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