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      What popular industries are applied to surface encapsulation

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-08 11:13   瀏覽:

      Surface encapsulation technology, also known as the SMT patch glue packaging technology. It is a dispensing encapsulation technology that can be attached to the surface of POC circuit boards of electronic products. There are some SMT patches with no lead or short lead length. The technology applied to mechanical packaging includes SMT patch packaging, LED dispensing machine, electric welding gun and so on. If we want to inspect the products after surface encapsulation, we need to use some professional mechanical equipment, such as function tester, microscope, etc. As the use of this packaging technology can only be used in electronic products, the number of applications of surface packaging technology is less.
      The application of surface encapsulation technology in the spot glue market at present is not much. However, in general, SMT patch can be used to encapsulate LED dispensing machine. The dispensing industry can use surface encapsulation technology. These can use SMT patch to encapsulate LED dispensing machine manufacturing industry, including electronic and electrical industry, lighting industry and automotive industry. Because only part of these industries can be made with SMT patch packaging LED glue dispenser, these products can also use surface packaging technology.
      In the electronic and electrical industry, the demand for the SMT patch packaging LED dispenser is the highest, and it is also the most widely used industry in the surface packaging technology. The main products are smart phone, MP3, generator, relay, interphone and so on.
      Now the industry with the biggest growth in the application of surface encapsulation technology is called the lighting industry. Due to the rise of the LED industry in the lighting industry, the production of LED lighting products is very dependent on the SMT patch packaging LED dispensing dispensing package, and the demand for surface packaging technology in the LED industry is also increasing. So the lighting industry is also one of the industries with large demand for surface encapsulation technology.
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