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      What is the meaning of LED chip packaging

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-08 11:14   瀏覽:

      In the LED industry, LED chip packaging and dispensing machine is often used to package dispensing LED products, the main task of the dispenser is dispensing the LED chip LED products which were sealed, so what is the definition of the LED chip, LED chip dispenser can be achieved in the LED product in LED chip packaged with what effect?
      The LED chip is the core component of the LED product, which is composed of two types of semiconductors of PN, which are made from monocrystalline silicon. It is a product accessory that can convert electrical energy into light energy. Therefore, the LED chip is the most important dispensing part in LED products. When it is used to encapsulate the LED chip packaging machine, the dispensing machine must improve the dispensing accuracy, otherwise the LED chip package will not play its due role.
      Because this kind of accessories does not use LED chip package, it is easier to damage. If it is exposed to air, the parts will be damaged, or even lose the original luminous ability, so that products can not be properly illuminated. So we must use the LED chip to encapsulate the dot glue machine to carry on the LED chip package.
      The role of chip packaging can not only protect the performance of LED chips from the external environment. There are other excellent features. For example, using LED chip dispenser to package LED chips, products can enhance heat dissipation, reduce chip cooling time and improve the performance of LED products. It can also improve the efficiency of LED luminescence. It can optimize the form of light irradiation and control the mode of power supply.
      To sum up, the main purpose of LED chip dispenser on LED products is to protect the chip, but this packaging technology also improves some performance of LED products. The main purpose of the LED chip is to protect the chip.
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