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      What is the role of the solenoid valve in the desktop LED gl

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-09 10:43   瀏覽:

      The operators who often use the desktop LED glue machine know that the rubber valve is used in the drive system of the glue dispenser, called the solenoid valve. So what is the effect of solenoid valve in the solenoid valve type LED dispenser?
      The glue valve is usually divided into gas moving point glue valve which is powered by compressed air and the electric solenoid valve with current and voltage as power. The function of dispensing valve is basically the same in dispensing machine, and electromagnetic valve is no exception. Generally, it has the function of carrying glue and directional flow and reverse suction. But there are many other special features of the solenoid valve, which is the difference between the solenoid valve and the other dispensing valves.
      The solenoid valve installed on the desktop LED dispenser, is generally used in electric drive, the internal structure is very simple, only the stator and rotor can assembly, installation and replacement are convenient, the working principle is very simple, just around the stator rotor to rotate towards one side, you can achieve electromagnetic the role of the valve, and it consists of two parts of the structure, although the structure is simple, but has a very strong seal. Therefore, the solenoid valve has many excellent characteristics. Then why must the solenoid valve LED glue machine use the solenoid valve to make the glue?
      As the solenoid valve in the glue in the process of transportation, is used in electric drive, so the electromagnetic valve can glue on velocity, glue time, glue volume of precision control, which complies with the need of precision dispensing of desktop LED dispensing machine has, the solenoid valve can match type LED dispensing solenoid valve inside the three axis positioning system visual positioning system, let the glue dispensing precision once again be raised.
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