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      Where is the glue dispenser

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-16 16:54   瀏覽:

      There are many applications of the dispensing industry, various types of machine using the dispensing position is not the same, because of the need of the dispensing industry is not the same, but there are a lot of different industries need dispensing machines, such as: LED lamp need LED package dispensing machine, electronic industry need automatic glue machine, mobile phone industry need precision dispensing machine so, these are the differences in technology, but also applied in different parts of the core point.
      Because of the rapid development of science and technology, also introduced a lot of foreign technology, manufacturing technology has been greatly improved, the volume is reduced, the most obvious is the electronics industry, basically no longer use manual dispensing mode, is the use of automatic dispensing machine, although LED lamp although development is relatively late, but quickly became the industry leader in the beginning the production also need to use the LED package precision dispensing machine.
      After knowing the application industry, you need to select the dispensing machine, Shenzhen as the largest dispensing machine production base, has a variety of manufacturers, choose a suitable LED package dispensing machine manufacturers in many manufacturers, is still relatively difficult, because the dispensing machine manufacturers too much, editorial recommendation in Shenzhen automation system limited here.
      Dispenser can be used where there are more, in addition to some popular industries, or that some of the more popular industry is also able to use dispensing machines, such as: Horn industry, buzzer, small transformer, which is the application of the dispensing industry, the LED industry is subdivided into two kinds of lamps and lighting, LED package the dispensing machine needs is not the same, need to how enterprises need dispensing machine, System Automation Co. Ltd can provide the necessary equipment for you.
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