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      Working characteristics of LED bulb lamp tube glue dispenser

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-19 23:52   瀏覽:

      LED bulb lamp dispenser features can be circular arc dispensing, dispensing, some characteristics of little glue dispensing machine, with general or has a relatively good, the biggest feature is the several disk substrate, can put the ball bubble lamp, convenient for dispensing task, it can be three-dimensional LED dispensing machine the use of circular dispensing, but is not the main reason of ball dispensing.
      On the market of LED bulb lamp dispensing machine is divided into several, a fixed arm, another can use three-dimensional dispensing function, second glue machine performance is good, the market most is the use of non fixed foam ball dispenser, mainly can be used flexibly, can be applied to more industries.
      Bubble ball dispensing glue machine can use the digital controller, convenient for dispensing writing input parameters, unlike large dispensing machine needs to write a program to use, the use of data controller can help staff to reduce the operation steps, just use the function without large dispensing, dispensing or to satisfy the basic.
      This mode of dispensing dispensing is also quite special, although for dispensing machines, but the technology is the use of glue, glue the ball more in need with bubble gum, dispensing machine for general accuracy is relatively high, LED ball bubble gum machine for precision is relatively low, as long as 0.5ml can meet the.
      The working characteristics of LED bulb lamp dispenser and a lot of kinds, is not listed, you can find the phone direct telephone contact in the system automation website, which can more clearly understand that all parameters and functions of LED ball bubble gum machine, also can know how much the price of this direct dispensing machine.
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