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      What is the role and advantage of the LED light strip dispen

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-23 16:31   瀏覽:

      In precision dispensing equipment in operation in addition to the incandescent lamp with LED lamp strip defects dispensing their own characteristics and will be affected by the external factors are certain, but for some equipment is not obvious. This can affect the incandescent lamp with LED lamp strip dispenser for ball bubble gum can be divided into three, the first is: there is a hose blocking glue, needle blocking glue, the main reason is caused by the glue is solidified inside; the second is the unstable gas pressure will affect the incandescent lamp with LED light bulb in the dispenser dispensing operation; third is the electromagnetic valve problem; viscosity fourth is the glue, is an important factor that affects the dispensing.
      Incandescent lamp with LED lamp function by programming repeated dispensing dispensing, dispensing can perform one-way for more than one light bulb, bulb first position, and then enter the glue volume dispensing time working parameters, easy operation, for a single bulb after dispensing turntable will automatically rotate to second article dispensing, dispensing work cycle completed more than a light bulb. The glue control effect of LED bulb tube dispensing is very good. During the practical application, there will be no problems such as wire drawing and glue leakage. It strengthens the conversion rate of glue and improves the working quality of bulb.
      The glue dispenser, which uses full automatic spray technology, is mainly aimed at a large amount of glue, glue and fine glue. Use a jet technology to promote the incandescent lamp with LED lamp strip dispenser, bid farewell to the past three axis dispensing machine moves up and down to complete the dispensing mode, instead of using the non-contact dispensing mode automatically, so to ensure a good dispensing accuracy, the use of injection technology for incandescent lamp to get better to improve the stability of LED lamp strip dispensing machine, machine of. The traditional three axis dispensing, meet the needs of the Z axis to stop moving up and down to complete the non-contact dispensing machine is prevented and the formation of the Z axis shaking machine vibration, good to reduce the stop condition between each drop, Tu, point LED點膠機
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