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      The development of the glue dispenser market, how to apply t

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-23 16:34   瀏覽:

      Common problems LED dispenser for dispensing silicone encapsulation work also has a variety of functions to deal with, in the dispensing process if the glue viscosity is too high, prone to problems in drawing glue dispensing needle is pulled back, directly affect the appearance of the bulb, generally by heating to reduce the viscosity of high viscosity glue glue. The demand is not applicable, and LED glue machine with suction function, can be applied to solve the problem of drawing and glue dripping, improve the quality and stability of bulb production quality
      We first analyze the development of the industry, compared with China dispensing Japan, Japan is relatively early in the introduction of dispensing equipment, also has a great advantage in the development of the time, so in the development of silica gel encapsulated LED dispenser is a most successful. In addition, the electronic manufacturing and the market is relatively developed and the demand for the dispensing industry is relatively large, the dispensing precision requirements are relatively high, so the Japanese rubber industry need to go high-end technology route, so this is Japan silica gel package LED dispensing machine industry is developed, the main reason is the perfect performance.
      With the production technology requirements continue to increase, dispensing the production technology also has also been improved in the past, dispensing methods are based on manual dispensing, dispensing mode not only such a dispensing speed, dispensing quality is not high, and the operation is complex, the key is not in some geometric patterns on dispensing operation; the production process requirements become more stringent, the need to manually dispensing is already unable to meet in the production and dispensing machine was born. LED封裝點膠機
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