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      What needs to be noticed in the industry using the LED spray

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-25 19:24   瀏覽:

      In precision dispensing equipment in operation in addition to the LED injection system defect dispenser and its outside will be affected by the external factors, but for some equipment is not obvious, can influence factors to the bulb dispensing this LED jet dispensing machine is broadly divided into three categories, the first category is with a hose blocking glue, needle blocking glue, the main reason is caused by the glue is solidified inside; the second is the unstable gas pressure will affect the LED jet dispensing machine in the dispensing operation of the bulb; the third is the problem of the electromagnetic valve; the viscosity of fourth kinds of problems is the glue that is an important factor in dispensing.
      With the application of the dispenser is widened constantly, all kinds of dispensing machines are used in different industries, such as: silicone dispensing machine is used in the integrated circuit industry, non-contact jet dispensing machine is applied to some high precision products and so on, the LED jet dispensing dispensing machine is one of the many types of dispensing equipment, those industries will use the dispensing equipment, the LED jet dispensing machine how expensive it?
      The industry uses the LED injection machine, which is also called the non contact glue dispenser equipment, is the most common spray technology application of the glue equipment. Mainly for a large number of glue, glue, precision glue products. Use a jet technology to promote the bid farewell to the past three axis dispensing machine moves up and down to complete the LED jet dispensing, dispensing machine, instead of using the non-contact dispensing mode automatically, so to ensure a good dispensing accuracy, using jet technology to make the stability of the LED jet dispensing machine the machine, to better improve. The traditional three axis dispensing, meet the needs of the Z axis to stop moving up and down to complete the non-contact dispensing machine is prevented and the formation of the Z axis shaking machine vibration, good to reduce the stop condition between each drop, Tu, point. 精密點膠機
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