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      What industries can be applied to the automatic injection LE

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-25 19:24   瀏覽:

      Usually we put this kind of automatic dispensing machine called jet dispensing machine, glue machine, non-contact non-contact glue machine, glue machine without contact. It is characterized by high precision, quick dispensing and filling. The ejection type quantitative feeding is applied to do the dispensing operation without the lifting of the Z shaft, breaking the traditional contact dispensing way, and improving the defects of wire drawing, uneven dispensing, and easy damage to products. Equipped with ultra strong functional modules, making the glue more sensitive, is the preferred equipment for high precision glue and bottom filling.
      LED spray dispenser has multiple circular grooves, which can hold multiple circular tools for dispensing. In order to ensure the quality of LED bulb, we need to glue the bottom coating to enhance the bonding strength of bulb to improve the service life. It mainly applies glue to the bonding surface of bulb and lamp holder to make bulb lamp achieve the standard fixed effect, and long-term use will not affect the quality of work. It is an important step in the production of bulb.
      The use of LED jet dispensing machine industry plays a very important role, whether it is the lamp holder and the substrate bonding or lighting chips need to be done by the LED jet dispensing machine, most jet LED dispensing machine adopts the small desktop design, lightweight and convenient and easy to use, the mechanical arm responsible for all kinds of dispensing the dispensing work needs, can help users to complete all kinds of irregular path glue coated or glue dispensing work, mechanical arm is part of a LED jet dispensing machine indispensable, through the arm function can improve the LED jet dispensing machine practical value.
      With the production technology requirements continue to increase, dispensing the production technology also has also been improved in the past, dispensing methods are based on manual dispensing, dispensing mode not only such a dispensing speed, dispensing quality is not high, and the operation is complex, the key is not in some geometric patterns on dispensing operation; the production process requirements become more stringent, the need to manually dispensing is already unable to meet in the production and dispensing machine was born.
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