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      The bubble LED dispenser can be used in the industry

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-25 19:22   瀏覽:

      With the application of the dispenser is widened constantly, all kinds of dispensing machines are used in different industries, such as: silicone dispensing machine is used in the integrated circuit industry, non-contact jet dispensing machine is applied to some high precision products, led foam ball dispenser as glue machine, one of the many types of a dispensing equipment, the industry will use the dispensing equipment, the LED bulb dispenser how expensive it? Here by making small for each user to introduce the dispensing equipment can be applied to the industry?
      Bulb LED dispensing machine is designed to give an LED bulb dispensing device, but with the bulb LED glue dispensing technology continues to improve, can be applied to the industry is increasing, mainly to the application of industry led electronic lighting industry, mechanical hardware industry, auto parts industry, electro acoustic, inductance the battery box, sealing and other production industries.
      Therefore, from the above we know the application of LED foam ball dispenser in scope is quite broad, with the expansion of applications, for the dispensing equipment market effect is increased several times, which is the fundamental reason why the dispensing equipment market can be love and concern. And in the performance of the equipment, the performance of this device is still relatively perfect, specific as follows.
      The LED dispensing machine has three axis linkage function. The manual teaching box programming mode is more simple and convenient for operators, and greatly improves the dispensing speed and the accuracy of dispensing. The selected system is a number of grades higher than that of the ordinary glue machine for the imported servo system.
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