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      How does the LED glue dispenser develop in the market

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-26 11:46   瀏覽:

      Although LED dispensing machine has many advantages in dispensing operation, but also not to say that it is perfect. Because the dispensing equipment has just come out soon, the performance also has some defects, such as bubbles in the dispensing process, the dispensing process every time needs to be replaced because of glue, glue barrel outside air into the barrel, if not drained before dispensing it, and will cause the barrel of the glue chemical reaction that causes bubbles and other problems.
      The electronics industry for dispensing operation in numerous need in the industry occupies a dominant position, this is because of the need for dispensing work in electronic industry dispensing products is very rich, you need the number of dispensing products are many, and most LED bulb can work on dispensing it, it becomes one of the most dispensing objects an important dispensing industry, and led ball bubble gum machine is very strong ability to enhance the value of the electronic field. At present, the main products are: cell phone shell, MP3, relay, cell phone battery and so on.
      The most important point is the incandescent lamp without injury to the surface of the finished product, in order to ensure that the yield strength of the need to reduce dispensing, but this does not hinder the normal use of dispensing equipment, for dispensing at a rate of 300mm/s per second, so the dispensing of incandescent lamp can reach a maximum of 1500 hours / huge workload, and can be applied to some the irregular point of incandescent lamp, dispensing, dispensing machine embodies the LED full function.
      We first analyze the development of the industry, compared with China dispensing Japan, Japan is relatively early in the introduction of dispensing equipment, also has a great advantage in the development of the time, so in the development of LED dispenser is a most successful. Because of the electronic and manufacturing market in Japan is relatively well developed, demand the dispensing industry is relatively large, the dispensing precision requirements are relatively high, so the Japanese rubber industry need to go high-end technology route, so this is Japan LED dispensing machine industry is more developed, more perfect performance is the main reason.
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