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      In addition to the straight type light pipe, it can also be

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      As a new lighting tool, LED, as a new lighting tool, has been widely used in this industry as a new lighting tool because of its special features. However, this product is more stringent on the demand for glue than the regular dispensing operation. This is the most important glue chip in LED, which has the LED lighting function. If it is exposed to the air for a long time, the whole mechanical performance of LED will decline, and it will even lose its function. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out precision glue packaging. It is to carry out precision dispensing, so LED lamp package using LED ball bubble gum machine is very important.
      Whether a device is good or not depends on what kind of products it produces, where it is used for, where dispensers are different for different processes, and the dispensing equipment is also different. LED dispensing machines are all equipped with pipelines. They are efficient, accurate and stable, and can meet the market demand. The equipment configuration adopted by different glue is different. First, we must know the nature of the products you make, whether the production products have high requirements for the dispensing precision, so that we can decide the dispensing equipment you need. Like LED dispensing machine, it belongs to the more precise dispensing equipment, which can be well applied to the products.
      When the bulb in the use of LED to glue dispensing machine, we use the glue is epoxy resin, it is because of the characteristics of the epoxy resin is suitable for dispensing work of this type, it can be extremely strong resistance performance, can protect LED lighting chip will not be outside, also can be used in different ways and dispensing to change their performance by adding glue scattering agent to control the direction of the light scattering ability, epoxy resin itself has a superior performance, with anti wet glue solidification, high strength, refraction on the optical projection, high efficiency.
      In the lighting production in the field of Led dispensing system plays a very important role, whether it is the lamp holder and the substrate bonding or lighting chips need to be done by the LED dispenser, small desktop design used by most LED dispenser, lightweight and convenient and easy to use, which point glue manipulator responsible for various dispensing work needs that can help users to complete all kinds of irregular path glue coated or glue dispensing work, mechanical arm is an integral part of LED dispensing machine, the mechanical arm function can enhance LED dispensing practical value.
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