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      What is the advantage of using a desktop LED glue dispenser?

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-27 18:38   瀏覽:

      With the expansion of LED industry, the semiconductor industry has become an important application industry of production equipment. With the LED industry, semiconductor dispensing products have become an important application area of dispensing production equipment. In such a market environment, the LED industry has made innovations in the dispensing industry and the direction of technology, resulting in the emergence of a series of glue control devices such as desktop LED dispensers. Among them, the desktop LED glue dispenser is the most representative of the LED glue equipment.
      The accuracy of dispensing is beginning to be displayed in the quantitative accuracy. For example, the error of 0.01 grams of glue is a tiny error when we don't think about the size of the product, which is unavoidable in manual dispensing. If the product with special requirements for dispensing density, the error of 0.01 grams is usually very serious, because the product of dispensing is very small and very precise. After the accurate setting of the pressure and the time of the glue, the quality of the product is much better than that of the hand glue.
      The most important point is the incandescent lamp without injury to the surface of the finished product, in order to ensure that the yield strength of the need to reduce dispensing, but this does not hinder the normal use of dispensing equipment, for dispensing at a rate of 300mm/s per second, so the dispensing of incandescent lamp can reach a maximum of 1500 hours / huge workload, and can be applied to some irregular dot, incandescent lamp dispensing, reflects the desktop LED dispensing machine full function.
      The aerodynamic model is the desktop LED dispensing mode, through the air supply device producing pressure, pressure driven to a feeding tube, glue can according to the actual situation of control parameters to achieve free flow effect, through the dispensing valve after the uniform glue dispensing machine, desktop LED with this way of working for air quality dependence high, the market most dispensing machine using pneumatic drive as the working mode, this way of working, convenient use and simple operation, is suitable for the high demand for lighting in the production line, ensure the lighting effect and production capacity, bonding or encapsulation of desktop LED dispensing machine is mainly responsible for each lamp.
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