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      What are the advantages of the LED glue dispenser using the

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2017-12-27 18:42   瀏覽:

      When using phosphor and LED, it will distribute the phosphor around the semiconductor chip. The main purpose of this technology is to finish the wavelength conversion of phosphors. Collocation in the application of LED and fluorescent powder, the first need for phosphor gel dispensing operation to facilitate the application of LED phosphor dispensing machine to complete. Generally speaking, we will be using epoxy resin to phosphor to gel. Then we use the laser transformation of the fiber to make the phosphor become a yellow luminous body. The remaining blue light will become the white light we usually see after it is mixed with the phosphor. The use of phosphor and LED can not only greatly improve the manufacturing cost, but also produce a good color effect.
      The accuracy of dispensing is beginning to be displayed in the quantitative accuracy. For example, the error of 0.01 grams of glue is a tiny error when we don't think about the size of the product, which is unavoidable in manual dispensing. If the product with special requirements for dispensing density, the error of 0.01 grams is usually very serious, because the product of dispensing is very small and very precise. After the accurate setting of the pressure and the time of the glue, the quality of the product is much better than that of the hand glue.
      Although the machine industry achieved great progress in dispensing, dispensing various functional properties and emerge in an endless stream, also more and more perfect, but not a dispenser can be dispensing operation for LED products, the LED fluorescent powder on the dispensing accuracy of the stringent requirements of many dispensing machine in the dispensing accuracy are 2/3 has been eliminated, the remaining 1/3 are due to different factors were eliminated. So the LED phosphor dispensing machine has what advantage? It is not only in the dispensing precision is the victory of other types of dispensing equipment, in dispensing operation, it is also conducive to the operation, in accordance with the design of special LED the dispensing process requirement, the liquidity of the dispensing area and glue were improved, especially the increase of automatic suction function, LED phosphor dispensing machine is added at the edge of the lot.
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