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      What kind of glue machine is the most suitable for use in th

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      Although the machine industry achieved great progress in dispensing, dispensing various functional properties and emerge in an endless stream, also more and more perfect, but not a dispenser can be dispensing operation for LED products, the LED fluorescent powder on the dispensing accuracy of the stringent requirements of many dispensing machine in the dispensing accuracy are 2/3 has been eliminated, the remaining 1/3 are due to different factors were eliminated. So the LED dispenser has what advantage? It is not only the victory of other types of dispensing equipment in precision dispensing, dispensing in operation, it is also conducive to the operation, according to the special LED dispensing process for the liquidity of the dispensing area and glue were improved, especially the increase of automatic suction function, LED dispenser added advantages in many points.
      LED bulbs are also a spherical light emitting semiconductor, which have the same characteristics as ordinary light-emitting semiconductors, which are composed of two PN nodes. The current can be converted to light energy through the semiconductor. Can send out visible light, infrared, ultraviolet. However, the light emitted from LED is not fixed, so we use glue glue to guide LED bulbs to give out the effect of lighting we want, that is to say, LED bulbs will not give out all kinds of light at once.
      The LED glue dispenser is mainly aimed at the demand for micro glue technology such as flexible circuit board and module. Whether a device is good or not depends on what kind of products it produces, where it is used for, where dispensers are different for different processes, and the dispensing equipment is also different. LED dispensing machines are all equipped with pipelines. They are efficient, accurate and stable, and can meet the market demand. The equipment configuration adopted by different glue is different. You must first know the nature of the production of products, production of precision dispensing whether there is high requirement, it can also determine the dispensing equipment you need, like LED dispensing machine belongs to more precision dispensing equipment, such equipment can be well applicable to high precision dispensing requirements of the product. LED燈管點膠機
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