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      The LED dispenser that is popular with the market is that on

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      The time of LED glue dispenser entering China is relatively late, but it has strong post advantage because of the domestic glue equipment industry. In addition to the self development of the domestic glue industry, the domestic market also took over a part of the foreign developed countries' enterprises. While the scale of the industry is expanding, it has also gained a certain scale effect. And in this process through each other learning and mutual penetration. It also plays an important role in improving the technology of LED glue dispenser in China.
      With the expansion of LED industry, the semiconductor industry has become an important application industry of production equipment. With the LED industry, semiconductor dispensing products have become an important application area of dispensing production equipment. In such a market environment, the LED industry has made innovations in the dispensing industry and technological direction, resulting in the emergence of a series of glue control devices such as LED dispensers. The LED glue dispenser is one of the most representative LED dispensing equipment.
      With the application of the dispenser is widened constantly, all kinds of dispensing machines are used in different industries, such as: silicone dispensing machine is used in the integrated circuit industry, non-contact jet dispensing machine is applied to some high precision products, led foam ball dispenser as glue machine, one of the many types of a dispensing equipment, the industry will use the dispensing equipment, the LED dispenser much expensive? ,
      The incandescent lamp is the most important point not to hurt the surface of the finished product, in order to ensure that the yield strength of the need to reduce dispensing, but this does not hinder the normal use of dispensing equipment, for dispensing at a rate of 300mm/s per second, so the dispensing of incandescent lamp can reach a maximum of 1500 hours / huge workload, and can be applied to some the irregular point of incandescent lamp, dispensing, dispensing machine embodies the LED full function.
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