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      LED ball bubble gum machine why by the lighting industry's f

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-02 19:03   瀏覽:

      n recent years, LED lighting energy saving, environmental protection, and governments around the world support the use of recommended LED lighting, so LED lighting applications have been more widely, now in the global scope as long as the development of new areas, street lamp LED street lamp device must be preferred. Not only that, now the big city a lot of regard the anterior edge of old street lighting to LED lighting. According to the departments concerned, in the past five years, the old street lamps are replaced by LED lighting.
      With the rapid development of the global LED industry today, LED ball bubble gum machine industry has been rapid promotion. In the past, LED industry mostly used artificial dispensing, but why now, whether big LED manufacturers or small and medium-sized LED manufacturers all like to use LED ball dispensing machine? Application of LED ball bubble gum machine has what advantage? The following is the manufacturer without manual dispensing, and use LED glue machine causes bubble ball:
      The proportion of 1. glue and the precision of mixing are difficult to control: it is all based on manual work, which can easily lead to the imbalance of proportion and unequal mixing.
      2., the production operation is more complex, and the more glue used leads to waste: manual dispensing is difficult to control the amount of glue, and too much amount of glue will cause waste, too little glue output and no bonding products, resulting in the emergence of defective products.
      The quality of the 3. dot glue products is not uniform. There are too many reasons that can not be controlled during the dispensing process, and the quality of each batch is not stable enough and the consistency is too bad.
      4. point glue is slow, expensive and slow.
      5. difficult manual management, artificial expensive, sensitivity is not strong, difficult to recruit workers and so on.
      6. glue has a side effect on the human body, which is easy to damage the body of the staff.
      However, a large LED street is now facing the reliability, because its main function is to be used for outdoor lighting, will face the harsh conditions of all kinds, all the year round by the sun and rain, thunder and lightning, the change of temperature condition. Led street to get recognition and mass market application, first solve the problem is the question of reliability, so this problem can only rely on like led ball bubble glue machine precision dispensing equipment to solve.
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