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      LED automatic glue dispenser used for chip dispensing

      作者:點膠技術分析   日期:2018-01-04 18:49   瀏覽:

      The LED dispenser dispensing operation of fluorescent powder is devoted to white LED products in the market today, dispensing equipment. The dispensing machine types can be broadly divided into two categories: one is the pressure type, one is measurement; because the fluorescence of LED powder on the cement volume requirements more strict, and dispensing pneumatic pressure changes with the opportunity of the strength of the cement volume will also be changed, so the pressure type dispensing machine can not meet the demand of LED dispensing industry, so it can be called a LED dispensing machine. At present most of the market can give LED products for dispensing are metering. The dispensing devices of this type can be reached at the level of micro nano precision, so it is more than sufficient LED phosphor dispensing, dispensing equipment so this type of LED is the true meaning of the dispensing machine.
      LED dispensing machine is specially used for LED bulb dispensing equipment, but with LED glue dispensing technology continues to improve, can be applied to the industry is increasing, mainly to the application of industry LED electronic lighting industry, mechanical hardware industry, auto parts industry, electro acoustic, inductor, battery box the seal and many other production industry. Therefore, from the above we know the application of LED dispenser in scope is quite broad, with the expansion of applications, for the dispensing equipment market effect is increased several times, which is the fundamental reason why the dispensing equipment can be market love and concern.
      In the lighting production in the field of Led dispensing system plays a very important role, whether it is the lamp holder and the substrate bonding or lighting chips need to be done by the LED dispenser, small desktop design used by most LED dispenser, lightweight and convenient and easy to use, which point glue manipulator responsible for various dispensing work needs that can help users to complete all kinds of irregular path glue coated or glue dispensing work, mechanical arm is an integral part of LED dispensing machine, the mechanical arm function can enhance LED dispensing practical value. LED點膠機
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